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June 05, 2009


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cool! i didn't notice this.. hmmmm... where am i on this days. LOL

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"goo goo" = good government, in the lexicon of cynics (i.e. election reform, Common Cause-type stuff). Mgmax used it rather aggressively in a prior thread under the mistaken assumption that it had something to do with '60s liberals who supported the Black Panthers.


I didn't notice this either...but hey...good gov...

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I will make a plan in my spring and summer travel with Opinionated next time.

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I completely share your view points when it comes to this topic. I thought I was the alone who maneuver such a thinking process. But yeah finally I have got a company. Let’s search more on this and share over her. What say??

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Actually this survey is funny!

Rick Thomas


I hope this survey is going on this year. I'd love to contribute.

Tia G

Great Post! Thank You!


Will check to see if the survey is being conducted this year! Thank you!


Wow, thanks for the post! Interesting

Julie Mullaney

Come across this page and great to know about this dining survey.

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