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April 07, 2008



I think part of the problem is that demand far outstrips the supply of seats for these restaurants. I guess Chang only has that little space to work with but I think that the small amount of seats and the fairly large number of regulars he has at his other restaurants will inevitably lead to a black lash when combined with the unceasing hype he receives in all the print media. I think a higher price might help in that regard. I would love to see what he could do for 250 a head.


I guess my comment above is unclear. I think that Chang, and maybe Keller, should have opened larger restaurants/raise prices to even out the supply/demand.

Steve Plotnicki

Part of the problem, and I have been trying to explain this to David without much success, is that he only makes 24 seats available every day. If a week before each month began, he booked the entire month at once, meaning he put 720 seats on the market, it would be a hell of a lot easier to get a seat.


You seem to gloss over the effectiveness of his system. You might find it silly, but it does exactly what he wanted it to do, which is make dining at his restaurant an event that anyone has a shot at.

If the momo team were to open up the books for, say, 3 months in advance, those three months worth of reservations would be gone in a matter of minutes. Most people online at that time would probably gobble up multiple reservations throughout the period opened. Anyone not happening to be close to a computer for those 5 or so minutes (the first FULL week of reservations were gone in 1 minutes and 10 or so seconds on that first day) would then be completely closed out for the next three months rather than the next week, as it is now. Then what? Would the system allow more reservations every day, to the calendar date like per se? The difficulty of getting a table would be exactly as it is now.

I think you're just pissed off at having to go through the rigamarole. And by the way, how are your eyes? Did they bug out of your head when you edited your post?

Steve Plotnicki

Only on the Internet could someone claim that backwards logic makes for a good argument. Look at what you posited:

" Most people online at that time would probably gobble up multiple reservations throughout the period opened"

Actually, if you read the OA forum, this is happening now. Since you can only reserve a week in advance, some people have figured out how to game the system and they have already gone four times. But if the system opened up for a longer period of time, that would make repeat reservations more difficult, not less. That's because while you are clicking for Day X, someone else has gobbled up Day Y and now you can't double book two reservations. But when reservations open up a day at a time, you can double, or quadruple book, quite easily.

As for me being unhappy with the "rigamorole," I haven't even tried to book the place. I've been there already, tasted many of the dishes in their testing phase at Ssam Bar, and to be honest, while the place is good, I'm quite happy eating at Noodle Bar which is my favorite of all of the three restaurants.

Paul R

there is no doubt that getting a reservation can be difficult at the restaurants most in demand. here in LA, osteria mozza has the 30 day limit which can be cumbersome.

it does NOT matter what system a restaurant uses; the smart diners will always figure out a way "to game the system", assuming it can be done.

frankly, i love but it will never work for smaller, high demand places.

and as far as planning ahead and adria ferran, my friend recently got notice of a cancellation and would she like the reservation? naturally she replied, and after confirmation, she booked her travel ticket to spain to dine at el bulli. i mean, what's more important, the cultural sites, the vacation timing, or the food?

Restaurant Marketing

If it's so hard to get a seat at Chang's or wherever, and he's booked for a whole month, wouldn't it make sense to relocate to a bigger location so he can get more customers in? Or is there nowhere available in the area?

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