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March 12, 2008


matt k.

great blog. I work a few blocks from Urasawa in Beverly Hills and eat underneath it at McCormick's for their happy hour quite often. Funny knowing that it's such a destination for diners. I've had multiple offers to dine there with friends but the high cost hasn't allowed me to do so. I wonder why it scored higher than Masa in NY, even though this is the restaurant that was borne out of Ginza Sushiko. Perhaps chef Urasawa is more inventive. Who knows. Or maybe it's a longer "desination" for the majority of the diners in your survey (who are probably New Yorkers, I'm guessing). Either way, I'm wondering where I can obtain a copy of your book (in a store). If not, I'll just get it online. Cheers!

Steve Plotnicki

For some reason, many of the people who particpated in the survey were somewhat underwhelmed by Masa. I think the price, $350 to $250 at Urasawa, has something to do with it. There are also complaints of Masa not being particularly gracious, while Hiro is the perfect gentleman. As far as buying the book, Cook's Library has it and you can find it in just about any independant book store in the country.


Why call it North America? Just the United States would suffice. As, you don't seem too aware of the existence of Canada.

Steve Plotnicki

Hey there are loads of Canadian restaurants on the survey but few had scores high enough to qualify. But you can help rectify the situation by participating in the survey.


Great work on the Survey; however, any survey that allows McCrady's to be on par with Alinea and above Per Se is obviously flawed. I dined at McCrady's over the weekend and while nothing was bad, nothing on the tasting menu was anything close to exceptional. Sean Brock has a love for great ingredients and a lust for creativity but lacks the talent to pull of exceptional, mind-blowing dishes. I remember reading your post about how it is amazing what Sean Brock is doing in Charleston, SC. However, a better story would be about what John Shields is doing at the Town House Grill in Southwestern Virginia. He is a chef who has the love, lust and talent to deliver every time.


No Charlie Trotters? Highly disappointing... Trotters is one of the best restaurants in the world, not to mention North America.


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