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November 26, 2007



Oddly enough, we also ate at Le Bec Fin this past week; in Philadelphia for one night, had been meaning to go for a long time.

Not as bad as the experience you had, but still a disappointment; and yes, at $500 for two, shouldn't be! The staff were very mixed also, and while we had a great time and didn't care, four hours of slow service is a bit over the top.

In terms of food: some things were excellent (although the single best was the blood orange sorbet, not a great comment in itself), such as the foie 'soup' and the raisin couscous accompanying a macademia-crusted grouper. My rabbit loin and ragout was mediocre alone but saved by a genuinely inspired pairing with hummus and chanterelles that together was delightful; if that had been the experience on every dish we ould have been blown away. Most was passable but not great, which includes the cheese cart; some dishes were really _bad_, the worst being my mahi mahi which had really almost no flavour at all - quite astonishing. Even the dessert cart, while impressive of appearance, was boring, lacking in variety, and of poor quality - only one of the ten we tried was worth the eating.

Very sad.

ulterior epicure

My experience at Le Bec Fin three years ago was on par with yours. It was outdated, in almost all respects. On the flip side, I have wanted to try Vetri and Striped Bass. Glad to hear you had a positive experience at the latter.


Great photos…this looks delicious ! :-)


dude would really help if you got a better camera and/or learned how to take better pictures!


ok i feel bad i just thought the charctuerie pictures was a little blurry was really interested in what kind of meat you ate!

walter rich

Having eaten in many (if not most)of the restaurants listed I find that the OAD guide's ranking is as reliable as the atrocious spelling and grammar of their reviews.

frank mcgrath

Like stated above, you have demonstrated in these articles that you have no culinary appreciation. Traditional food does not mean tired. Take a must be part of the hippie crowd that enjoys fusion/new wave food. Good for you. Striped Bass has notably taken a dive for the worse. Much worse. In fact, it just closed. Le Bec Fin is one of the lasting culinary gems in this country. Being around for forty years and being acclaimed the best French restaurant in the nation by Paul Bocuse is a rarity. It's the longest lasting five-star restaurant. take a hint and learn what real food is.


this review sounds like someone was paid heftily by stephen starr to praise striped bass against le bec-fin and vetri. I find it rediculous that you bash Georges Perrier's sauces, he is one of the best sauciers to ever exist. Let me guess, you find the continental martini bar "groundbreaking" and "gastronomical" as well? This article is rife with grammatical errors and wreaks of an inexperienced palate.

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another great post about French food! this restaurant isn't particularly good, but they haves a incredible onion soup!


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OK let me take my notes and check my financiary status...ready! now I have all I need to go and try this place, thanks for the recommendation and just in time, becuase I was need a place to celebrate my anniversary.

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