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June 25, 2007



I agree with you that the Pacauds may be hard to convince. But Gagnaire is always up for an experiment. And so is Passard. Now who else would you like?

I would nominate Savoy for the desserts -- I came often there only for desserts and cigars only, and they are open late, those party masters. But then again I believe the best patissier in town to be the one of the Bristol. Bristol also does those delicious main courses like the poularde.

What part would be Passard's? The main course of chicken or lobster? Or on the opposite his mapple syrup egg and onion gratin? The starters could be at Ducasse's? Taillevent has that great wine list. I would not nomimate them for any particular dish, but for wines. Not to mention, one dish at Gagnaire is a whole meal.

One advantage would be, they are almost all within walking distance -- that could be a way to compose the meal and that would solve the taxi issue, for they are not nearly as available in Paris as they are in NYC.

So here is a tentative schedule: Start at Passard with egg and onion, then across the river to Ducasse for fancy langoustines and caviar, along the avenue Franklin Roosevelt to le Bristol, say for the famous macaroni and the poularde (we would be at least three, no?), then up the Champs Elysees to Gagnaire for something crazy cause that what's he does and a a few more hundred meters to Savoy for the endless line of post and pre desserts and earl grey sorbet. Or we skip Savoy and get Gagnaire's grand dessert? Gagnaire also has great cigars.

Note that this way, this is sightseeing as well (invalides, grand palais, elysées, champs élysées...). July would be a good season -- long days and best lobsters.

Speaking of which, the plan also depends on the season -- during truffle season, Pacaud, Rostang and Savoy are essential. And maybe Pacaud could agree to a serving of feuilleté belle humeur alone. That would be plan T (for truffle). Start with Rostang, head to feuilleté belle humeur, come back to Savoy for desserts. Need taxi for this one.

A third trail is the perfect burgund meal with Lorain, then Meneau, then Loiseau, then Lameloise. (huitres en gelee et cromesquis de foie gras of Meneau, poularde de bresse truffée or ris de veau or sandre au vin rouge of Loiseau, Lameloise desserts, never been to Lorain but it is the most northern one).

And the Lyons business could work fine too, with Leon, Bocuse, Le Bec, Chapel and La Pyramide -- including two dead chefs restaurants. Don't have the connections there.

God, what a crazy idea. What happened to relax and enjoy your evening?


Holy crap.


great meal! one small correction, benno's "chef de cuisine" not exec. chef.


Madness. Something to aspire to.


Unbelievable. A gastronomic event. Might I ask how much this entire evening cost?

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We were comped except at one restaurant which I would prefer not to identify. In fact we asked for a check at each restaurant and save for once, we were always told there would be no charge given the special nature of the event.

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