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May 30, 2007


Tony Spagnoli

I was so glad to read this review! This is the type of Italian cuisine that I like to cook. Inventive, Interpretive but still holding to tradition. The use of what you would consider "Non-Italian" ingredients, daikon, mandarin orange, kobe beef is a nice change from the norm. It's unfortunate that alot of Italian restaurants seem to think that veal parmiggiana, spaghetti with meatballs or a big hunk of grilled veal chop (which is usually inedible) is what to put on a menu. Thanks for a refreshing take on Italian cuisine.

Howard Sherry

I need some help here. Please tell me where is the influence of Italian regional cuisine. It does not seem to be in the ingredients.

Tony Spagnoli

The Risotto of Porcini is clearly Italian and his addition of Shrimp is his touch. Also,Italians love peas and a risotto of fresh peas when in season Italian as well. This Chef uses it as a foam which is contemporary yet, the idea of tradition is there. The Guazetta is also clearly Italian.


MMM, i love Italian food. Wonderful review.


The presentation remind me of something akin to Japanese Cuisine.


Nice review. I guess it goes without saying that you need some good wine with Italian food.


First, Il Grano is in West Los Angeles, not Santa Monica. Yes, it is on Santa Monica Blvd.

Second, as you recognize, the highlight and specialty of Il Grano lie exclusively in the crudo. It is essentially an Italian sushi bar, but without the rice or the rolls. It has almost no recognizable relation to what one thinks of as an Italian restaurant. I must admit that despite living quite nearby by L.A. standards, I'm not a fan. Overpriced, overhyped, overspecialized. Were you drinking wine or had you swallowed the Kool-Aid?

Steve Plotnicki

Must have been the Kool-Aid

Kali Quarters

One word: Eeew!

Rerto Jordans

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Italian cousine has two things that I like tha most. One is pasta, specially when they bring the pot with it and another is the pizza. I am a pizza lover.

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Very, very nicely done!

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I have always loved Italian cuisine.:) will surely try making at home especially over the weekend. Thanks.

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