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March 08, 2007



my meal, shortly after yours, was not that great. your meals looks better but my meal left me wondering if they'd "taken a break" since it was the week after their promotion. nonetheless, this place just doesn't do it for me at the 175 euro level; the 125 euro menu i had last spring is more appropriate.

a review will be forthcoming on my site.

- chuck


This is so unfair. Your meal, just a few months earlier, looks so much better than mine (on 5 june 2007, please see my blog).

Every dish you describe has the charm of simplicity, and I can feel why this was a great meal. Mine, on the other hand, showed the same obvious qualities of Pascal and Christophe: talent, professionalism, kindness. But everything was way more complex- The turbot had not only the lemon sauce, but also cabbage, and onion, and a sardine, and a spinach-hot pepper puree. It felt like it was all about the Chef not getting bored, exploring paths but not picking a lane.

Save the amuse (peas, ginger, lemon, yoghurt) and the foie gras, not a single dish had the simplicity of your scallops there or the celery soup. Just by reading, and knowing the place, I know those were awesome -- even if you preferred your January meal. Having read your 2005 reviews, I guess there is always room for being convinced by Barbot and Rohan.


Technical comment: why people who write restaurant reports or reviews never think of including the restaurant's info? Your article includes no website address, no email address, no phone number... Where is l'Astrance? (I found it on Google, of course, but I could have saved time if you had simply added the URL on your page.)

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