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December 12, 2006



Hi congrats on a great site, I always enjoy reading your reviews. I'm spending this weekend in Paris and was hoping you could give me a nudge in the right direction with regards to bistro etiquette. Do they require reservations for lunch and dinner or are walk-ins acceptable as they would be in a UK gastro pub for example? Regards, Tim.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Tim. Restaurant etiquette in France is very different than it is in the U.K. and the U.S. and reserving in advance is pretty much mandatory. In fact some restaurant owners take it as an insult if you show up without a reservation. I'm not sure how the custom started but I've shown up at restaurants without a reservation and have been turned away even though there were empty tables. So I suggest you reserve a few days in advance.


Thanks Steve, much appreciated.

Jennifer Jeffrey

I'll be in Paris in January, and am looking for new places to try... I've been reading through your archives now for nearly an hour, and there is still so much to catch up on! Thanks for such careful attention to detail.


Please: it's accent aigu, not égout. In your review as it stands, you're basically saying that Monsieur Bernard has gutter mouth.



Thanks for yet another very nice review.

I beg to differ about the haricots verts, however. French haricots verts are indeed delicious, but they do not keep over a few days (when they start being fool of strings) and their seasons is very very short -- basically June and July. Kenyan ones, on the other hand, are available all year, keep very well, and the good ones taste particularly good, though less so than the ones you migh get at Passard today, who came from their garden this morning on a first class seat in the TGV.

I do think you have a romantic vision of France, but it is in the sense of a very excessive assumption of its decline -- and the place it comes from. As far as food is concerned, that is (let us not discuss the rest...). Producers of high quality vegetables, like Thiébault or Jancar, are doing well and are more and more numerous. The reality of international trade are what they are, and shape mass market, but luxury in France is doing well, also when it comes to food.

Speaking of which, you gave me the idea of posting about haricots verts on my blog. Please visit.

Rich Binder

Great website! My wife and I will be in Paris for a total of 11 hours (on a cruise) and wanted to have a 2-3 lunch at a bistro in Paris. We have travelled extensively in the wine regions of France with great memories. Looking more for great atmosphere, friendly people, and some fantastic wine and food. Please help!!!

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If I could, I would go to each and every bistro you suggested!
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