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December 04, 2006



Looks wonderful... I used to go a lot to Jewel Bako when i lived on the East side.Besides the excellent sushis(which do look like jewels), i remember Jack Lamb who was really somebody you couldn't not notice! I didnt like Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar(his restaurant in front) so much though... Maybe the food was ok, but the place is too tiny!
Anyway, thanks for such a detailed review, i will definitely try Jack Lamb's new venture... It must be as colorful as himself :)

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Aiste is you go try to sit at the corner where Wesley is working as it is interesting to watch him prepare the dishes and you will enjoy chatting with him about food.


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oh boy! how I can forgot this actitivity? I have the invitation! a good friend of mine was on of the organizer of the event, I wanted to taste all the recipes, and mainly the wine selection.

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