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May 15, 2006



Gosh - now that you've said it, do I finally realise what's wrong with lunch and dinner. I'm here in Italy for work this weekend, and as time is tight, we hop into the restaurant (a good one) across the street for lunch and to another one on the other street (also very good) for dinner... and they are all the same with the exception of the side dishes/ accompaniments swapped around! The food tastes fresh and good, but there is little variety. :-(



I read this post with interest. I have recently returned from Italy where I dined at a number of Michelin starred restaurants. Al Sorriso which has 3 stars (one of only four in Italy I believe) and Villa Crespi which held one star. Shortly afterwards I returned to San Sebastian to eat at Arzak and also Zuberoa. In my opinion the general standard of food was much higher in the Basque region. Arzak was a decidedly more enjoyable, creative and well thought out menu than Sorriso which in my opinion was old fashioned and staid.

I came to the conclusion that Italian food does not translate well into haute cuisine, however after reading your post on la Calandre my mind is not completely made up. Thanks for restoring my faith in Italian fine dining I will not give up on it just yet.


The author's implied familiarity and knowledge of Italy and its gastronomy would be somewhat more obvious and credible if some basic terms (trattoria, for example) were spelled correctly ...


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Max Ledford

As/per the management of restaurant La Calandre, taking photos are normally not allowed (see notice below). Would that possible for you to explain how you managed to pick photos of your meal?

Notice of Marisa Huff from restaurant La Calandre: '''''''We generally do not allow for photos to be taken during lunch or dinner service""""

S Lloyd

I was at Le Calandre this Saturday. Although I wished the first savoury dishes could have been more exciting, I have to say that this was a fun experience, from the charming service, their playful ideas, the cool modern decor. Really liked it. Here's my review of that meal:

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