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April 05, 2006


carol giogilio

your review was right on the money - actually for a restaurant like this - the most memorable thing I have to say about it is there wasn't one dish on the menu that I could say I truly wished I had tried. the only memorable thing was the check!

Steve Plotnicki

I don't understand why they couldn't have made a better restaurant. It isn't like Mario and crew don't know what they are doing. I guess some things are just a bad idea and no matter how much you think it through it will never turn out right.


this risottto looks baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Like soup with rice in it. I can't judge on how it tasted but it defintely doesnt look like a technically well done risotto.




Your review is great! I totally agree with you...



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there's no a single desirable dish from the menu, it not only looks bad, it tastes so bad.

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It's the extreme cooking!


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