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April 29, 2006



We ate at the Auberge just before Christmas and our experience was nearly identical to yours. We had very good food, very well served in an outstanding setting. Again like you we were surrounded by large family groups this time enjoying pre-Christmas lunch. Highly enjoyable - a perfect lunch.
I do agree with you that the context of the dining experience can add or detract enormously from the overall experience, and this in turn strongly influences the impression of the food. We have just returned from a weekend in Provence, we stayed at "La Bastide De Moustiers" Alain Ducasse's country inn. It is a one star with quite a short menu, and good food. However the service and ambiance was great and thus the overall experience made it a memorable experience.
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I just wanted to add, that the fruit in haeberlin's signature desert is not an apple, but a cooked white peach.

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But when it comes to things that are ancillary to the cuisine, how does one go about measuring how much they impact your meal?

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