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March 19, 2006



Wow - great & comperehensive review. And useful as I am going there in 2 days' time for lunch! Thanks for sharing.


Nice review Steve. Hoping to go there sometime next year for the first time.


Was it hard to get a reservation? Any tips, especially for Americans?

Steve Plotnicki

A lunch reservation is much easier to get than one for dinner. And given the restaurant's location, and the fact that most people stay in London proper, it's easier to travel back to London in the daytime than at night. It's very easy to go to the Fat Duck by train. The express from Paddington takes 23 minutes to Maidenhead. There are always taxis available at the station and the taxi ride is 5 minutes. But if you go in the evening, the last train back is at something like 11:59 if I remember correctly. Or you can take a very expensive taxi back to London.


Thanks for the tip. Is the lunch menu the same as the dinner one?

Steve Plotnicki

I didn't find any differences.


Thanks -- I just booked for lunch on 5/25. So easy compared to the French Laundry.

Acai Berry

good stuff to know and read a bout.. very informative. Will bookmark. Thanks alot :)

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That's a harder question to grapple with, and is predominantly caused by the lack of nuance to the Michelin system. If you analyze the three-star category as in reality being a series of restaurants that merit a rating of between 2-1/2 to 3 stars, I would put the Fat Duck somewhere between 2.6-2.8, similar to restaurants like Guy Savoy or Le Calandre (review upcoming), while saving the very top rating for places like Arpege and Pierre Gagnaire.

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Thanks for the recommendation but I think that you forgot to talk about the price. I know that those kind of portions are smaller than normal portions. but at least they taste great.

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It's so Chinese inspired. Love the twist.


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