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December 01, 2005



I just found your site and love it. You've been to so many places...I'm a NYer but next time I go to visit friends will check out Uni.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Mona. Enjoy Uni and spread the word about the site.


Mr Plotnicki, there is not enough profanity to describe how much you are my new hero.
I am addicted to your site.
Engaging writing, you remind me of my previous favorite writer Corey Greenberg of stereophile magazine. Good stuff. You sure do get around, your only plausible job is tracking hit men for Interpol..ha ha.
Happy eating and keep the reviews coming.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Shola. A lot of love goes into this site. I hope people can get good use of the information.


Steve are you writing these comments yourself, lol?


Thank you for posting those beautiful pictures hope i will see you soon in uni

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Chris. I should be up in Boston right after the New Year and I'll stop in for dinner to have more of your great creations. Every time I look at that Uni spoon with the caviar and quail egg it makes me hungry!

Bridget Kennedy

Mmm Uni sounds grand, but for formal Boston dining you have to check out L'Espalier. My father and I had Thanksgiving there last year, and it was sublime. For the main course he had the turkey; I had the pumpkin tortellini.

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