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December 13, 2005



Wow, what a list! My only wish is that you added where every restaurant is. I was able to deduce most of them, but not all, and a simple google search told me that Bastide is in L.A. however, maybe your audience is more aware of these locations than I am. Great reading.


I have always wanted to eat at Bastide. I ate Ludvic's food once at L'Orangerie and I can still recall many of the flavors of that night. If you are willing to take on a new-b to Bastide, let me know when you are in LA!!




No.13, Parmesan foam and coffee in a risotto eh? Sounds familiar...;)

Stephanie F.

Dear Opinionated:

Your list seems wonderful, and no doubt does include most of the best dishes around this year. I have to suggest, though, that the next time you're at the Time Warner Center in New York, you break away from your usual haunts and dine at Cafe Gray. Chef owner Gray Kunz is undoubtedly at the height of his career with this, his first sole effort. After receiving 4-stars at Lespinasse in New York's St. Regis in the 1990s, he stepped back, penned a fabulous book (The Elements of Taste, with Peter Kaminsky) and then waited for the right opportunity. Opened in October 2004, Cafe Gray has already received a star from Michelin on the guide's first NY go-around. His food is so good that chefs dine at his Gray Kunz's restaurant every chance they get. Last month, I saw none other than Daniel Boulud, Jonathan Waxman and Todd English dining, each lingering over long lunches to enjoy whatever Gray was whipping up now.

Visit Cafe Gray when you get the chance. You'll find a new group of favorites, including Braised Short Ribs of Beef with soft grits and a Meaux mustard sauce that stopped New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni in his tracks enough to mention it in last week's review of Barca 18. And don't miss the langoustine, ruby red shrimp and squid bouillabaisse, the lobster waldorf salad, or the spice crusted venison.

Bon appetit!
Stephanie F.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Stephanie. It seems that you do PR for restaurants and that makes your recommendation of Cafe Gray somewhat circumspect. But I won't let a little thing like lack of disclosure stop me from responding to your comment. I have been to the restaurant twice and leaving aside the fact that it is the most idiotic and egocentric design of a restaurant I have ever seen, the food isn't well thought through and the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I've had the short rib dish on both occassions, and both times the sauce was overly sticky and sweet. On one of my visits my risotto was top notch, but a friend sitting a few tables away found hers so poor that she walked out of the restaurant in the middle of the meal and had dinner at V Steakhouse (may it RIP) instead. It's a shame too because Gray used to be a talented chef. But I don't see the difference between eating at Cafe Gray and going to one of those chain restaurants that chefs operate in Vegas. At least in Vegas one can justify the fall-off in quality because the chefs aren't on the premises. But what's Gray's excuse? He's in the Cafe Gray kitchen every day.


Great list, its always good to be reminded of "Oysters and Pearls" at Per Ce and reminded again that I must visit WD50 next time we're back!

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