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November 28, 2005



Ludo is one of the best


Really funny: did he really say "saucisson de francfort"? First it's "saucisse de francfort" and Second, you're right, it is more or less the kind of sausage which you put in a hotdog.
But as a Real Frankfurter, I'm kind of proud: is this the entry of our sausage into the world of fine dining?
funny anecdote you had there!
PS: but the restaurant sounds really good



Sounds and looks great, in particular that veal dish you liked so much and which caught my eye immediately.

Despite the admirable Passard recipe, your picture suggest some freshness issue with the lobster -- his flesh looks fluffy and the antennas are short. I guess lobster don't fly American from the east coast, so it takes them a while to make it there?

Roellinger used to have a similar idea with his homard à la broche, using a seryngue to butter the flesh. He does not do it anymore cause he had issues with the animal protection society. Ever seen a lobster alive? I am not sorry if those war machines experience pain.

May I ask you to elaborate on "valuing cuisine the way it is valued among people who live in New York"? I feel there is a diference, but I struggle to put words on it. Maybe you elaborated on that somewhere else?

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