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October 10, 2005


Bill Burge

Thanks for the email earlier and recomendations...Tia Pol, especially, looks fantastic and wasn't one I'd run across.


disagree. this place was awful.


How would you say the ramen at Momofuku compares to Ippudo, Setagaya, or Santouka? Nearly every ramen lover I know of who has been to Momofuku thinks their ramen is terrible.

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Everything looks delicous but I like the most those recipes that they are based on chicken.

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Very nice blog, I think you are doing an important contribution, specially when you mentioned the restaurants, they are a good place to go and share with you family and this blog is a good tool to improve our influences.


Condiments is what i like everytime i eat to this kind of dinner. Makes my appetite bigger.


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Interesting, what I can't really take it it's what dish to choose for the weekend, I mean I spend all the weekend in my place and doing exercise, I wonder what to cook hahaha thanks


Yes I think thi8s is the best restaurant in the city, because they not only offer excellent dishes but also they have an special service for people who arrive there, I mean they have an internet coffee area and other attractions.


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In my country they are really expensive, but delicious. Thanks for info.


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