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September 26, 2005



steve, i had a similar experience - the sorbet & cream dishes were as instense as bastide, the fish as good as bernardin, and the lamb the best piece i've ever had.



So happy to hear you had a wonderful experience at Bouley again. You photos really accented the review, and everything, particularly the tomato sorbet with Parm. foam, and the black bass looked magnificent. I wondered, though, when you last went to le Bernardin? My husband and I went this past weekend, and were not impressed with the quality of the fish or the preparation...and I definitely wouldn't put it on 2-star french status along with places like Pic....Pic wouldn't leave bread crumbs on the table or allow a glass (wine or otherwise) to go dry.

I was just curious on your thoughts and whether a return to Le Bernardin was in the cards in the future? Perhaps our experience was more to do with being us (as opposed to someone famous/known/repeat business) and less to do with the restaurant itself?



Steve Plotnicki

I was at a birthday party at Le Bernardin last December. It was a private party for 40 people and I was surprised at how good the food was. I hadn't been there for many years as I always found the food a tad conservative for my palate. Anyway, my point in the Bouley review was more about Bouley getting the same quality fish as LB as they reportedly get first pick.

If you go again, try and have the poached escolar with baby lettuces (assuming you didn't have it this time.) It's an excellent dish. Amazingly simple but there is something very fresh and unique about it.

dominique simon

it's a long way from Bouley , but thank you for remembering.
Cheers & Peace.


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