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July 12, 2005


Joel Baumwoll

Steve, your review gives an excellent perspective on this restaurant. I've enjoyed many lunches and a few dinners there, and it has never failed to leave me excited and satisfied. By the way, now you know someone else who dined at Layfayette. It was a business dinner, and I too am totally amnesiac about the food, except my client talked about it for years.


I also dined at Lafayette and have no memory of the dinner other than where we sat.

Thanks for your review, JG was a hero to me in culinary school, when he was at the Drake (even before, when he in Boston) because he was doing things no one else was doing. Like many revolutionaries his concepts now either seem commonplace or he has moved on, leaving bad imitators to carry on.

My only experience at the flagship was lunch 4 or so yeas ago. The GM, my mother and I had attended a Chef's Collaborative conference at the CIA (JG was one of the panelists)and had missed our flight home. That left us with another 6 or so hours to kill in Manhattan.

We decided to try lunch at JG. Again I can't remember the meal in any detail but I do remember it being stellar. When the check was presented our waiter informed us that JG was buying our lunch, as a "professional to a professional". I protested and he insisted. JG had remembered seeing me at the conference evidently.

Certainly a class act all the way around.

Sam Grimes

I, too, also ate at the Drake when JG was in the kitchens. I remember having a wonderful meal but could not tell you what I ate other than a very good piece of fish with a very good artichoke and fava bean garnish.
That was a great half city block of dining at that time in NY with the Quilted Giraffe just a short wedge shot away at the time.

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