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May 22, 2005



Why no rabbit or bison? Dislike the taste, allergy, political statement, something else?

They're just fairly unusual. Most people would say stuff like "no shellfish" or "no flightless birds".


Steve Plotnicki

Not a rabbit fan and actually hadn't had buffalo before. Wasn't in the mood to be adventurous. Now I'm a convert.


A friend of mine works at "The Lobby" restaurant in the Peninsula; I plan on forwarding this article to him. I'm surprised at how clumsy the service was as I have eaten at Avenues before and it was top-notch. I'm sure he'll be interested to know that someone had that difficult of a time making something as simple as a reservation.

Although I agree with you in that some of what happened is not excusable, you are clearly too nitpicky. The wine thing you complained about is a complete joke - 99% of the population (yes, even the ones that eat at fine restaurants such as Avenues) are clueless about wine. Most of the time the other 1% realize that they are in a dedicated establishment and are fine with a sommelier's wine pairings.

You still gave a fair review. I was in the same boat regarding the bison when I ate there. It was a pleasant surprise. You should have tried the squab, though (if it was present on the menu). You would have been impressed with that as well.

Overall, I give your review a B.


Ha they thought you were a wine noob!

Annoyed in Chicago

Know what? That was eerily like something a beginning rock 'journalist' would write - just "I had soooooooooooo many problems getting my free tickets and backstage passes!" for "They lost my reservations - twice!" Trust me on this, pal. In both cases, THE READERS DON'T CARE. No, not even a little. What a pile of crap.

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