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May 13, 2005


Frank Drew

Don Esteban,

Interesting notes on El Bulli, and I've also read some of the discussion on your main site.
I've never been; I think it would be fun but it seems you'd have to be prepared for an interesting experience but not necessarily a meal in the normal sense of sustinence (but we can all afford to skip a meal now and then.)

What do you mean by "soil dishes"? Literally earth, dirt, or simply soil like in texture? How does that work?

Possible typo: "Liquid de Melotocon" should perhaps read "... Melocotón" instead. Melocotón is peach in Spanish. Or maybe it was in fact written as Melotocon; it they can make up their own dishes, why not their own words?

Steve Plotnicki

It looks and tastes like malted milk powder that is a little wet in spots.

You are right about melocoton. It's a typo and I will fix it. Thanks.

stacy paprocki

Hi, I am desperately trying to get a reservation at EL BULLI for my husband and I either July 21st or July22nd, this month. I have e-mailed them a few times with no response. Do you have any other tips besides e-mailing them on how to get in. Can you call and talk to someone? Any suggestions? My husband has been a chef for over 10 years and would die to eat there. Please let me know if you can help me?

Stacy & Stephen Paprocki

rosita krass

i understand you are closed from October thru March and unfortunately I will be visiting Barcelona in Octob er. Could you refer me to a restaurant of similar cuisine in your area that will be open during that month? Thank you so much.
Rosita Krass


If you know the answer to this, it would be very helpful. My girlfriend will be working in Barcelona for 3 months next summer, so i am going to attempt to get a reservation for sometime in those three months and plan my visit around the reservation. Because of her work schedule, she would only be able to join me if i request a sat reservation, dare i? or would that make it impossible?

but the more important issue is that she does not eat any meat other than Seafood. would Ferran be willing to accomodate only one person at the table who can not eat ham or other meats? is that even possible. i appreciate if you know the answer. otherwise, i will request any date in those three months and find other friends to make the trip.

Steve Plotnicki

I can't speak for thr restaurant but I am confident that they will try and accomodate her if it isn't a huge inconvenience for them. Just tell them of her dietary restrictions when you make the reservation.


thank you. wish me luck.


i have finally had my first meal at El Bulli and my last meal at El Bulli. After being lucky or unlucky to secure the reservation, i was at the table of the God of Food, unfortunately that was not what he serves, he serves art in the form of food and after 30 courses, I needed to eat rather than look at a picture.My advise to all go to an art gallery if you want to look at pretty food , go to Robuchon if you want to eat.

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I would donate one of my kidneys to eat at El bulli..

S Lloyd

I am trying hard to make it for a 3rd time there.
This time seems virtually impossible though.
My very 1st visit was in 2000 with my wife. Adria still had a more classic touch at that time.

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so delicious food with just see the pictures, I hope to go there some day with my husband and enjoy a delicious dinner with him

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