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March 25, 2005



Couldn't agree more about the waterside inn. Extortionate and dreadful. Disagree about La Trompette which I have found to be highly overated. Next visit you might want to try Richard Corrigan at Lindsay House - great use of unusual ingredients, and I'm amazed you haven't reviewed Clarke's - the Chez Panisse of London and just round the corner from the deteriorating Kensington Place.

Steve Plotnicki

Haven't been to Clarke's in about 7 years, save for buying a slice of brie in their shop next door. I will try to get to it, and Corrigans, on my next trip to London in May.


Let me know how it goes. I will now try Tom Aikens which had completely passed me by - thanks for the pointer.

Simon Carter

Great reviews! A truly discerning diner...

Happy eating.

David Prais

Come on. What is it? a dining table in the UK that has held 3 Michelin stars for over 25 years, and you pan it. The Waterside Inn is forced by its existence to offer traditional French cuisine. That said it has dispensed with only using double cream, and has modernized and transitioned as the Chef patron role has moved from father to son. Like the Toisgros, there is an expectation when you come here, and both in food and service I think it hits it's mark. For the young hairy bikers, and the robot warriors (te he!) it may seem old hat, but it delivers time after time... But yes it that level of service does come at a price.

Steve Plotnicki

Many dining tables that should have been demoted long ago have held 3 Michelin stars for long streteches of time. Paul Bocuse, Tour d'Argent, Georges Blanc are three that quickly come to mind. If I was the Michelin inspector I would demote them to one star and that would be generous. The food is much better around the corner.

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