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March 24, 2005



so i am guessing no responce :(


Dear Mikhail,
What a terrible story! Your recounting of the incident makes me feel as though I was there... The only thing that could have made the situation worse is if you had less than sparkling dinner conversation, which I'm sure was not the case.

Seriously though, as Mikhail and his wife's dining companions, I can attest to the rigidity, inflexiblity, and thinly veiled rudeness of the Aquavit staff. It was an uncomfortable situation which was unfortunate and costly. Regardless of the food quality and atmosphere (which we saw little of sitting behind a glass and wood divider), I would never return to Aquavit.

Rest-or-Rant (c)

Why did Mickhail just not leave? Although there is no excuse for a so-called established restaurant to have stupid rules, I don't see why someone would put up with that crap.

Mikhail L

why didnt i leave..simple..wife and her friends..and an hour wait for her friends to arrive...

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