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March 25, 2005



I so agree with your feelings regarding restaurants requiring everyone at the table to order the tasting menu. It makes little sense to me and I often miss out on the tasting menu as a consequence. Do you think it's a concern on the restaurants part that one person at the table will be eating while the other sits there? Or is it simply due to convenience of service? Either way I don't get it.

FaustianBargain 2c? tasting menus are 'value for money'. there is a tier system and food comes from different cost levels. if all the courses come from the same 'cost level'(forgive the way i phrase things, but I think you know what I mean), the restaurant simply cannot afford to satisfy every customer. Maybe they will make an exception for regulars, but that would be an exception to the rule. Pork cheeks may have been fixed in supply and the kitchen has to make certain decisions that directly affect their bottomline. Lamb is probably more easily available/cheaper than pork cheeks?

and oh..the aquavit that for real??!!

Steve Plotnicki

Tha makes sense. But if cost was an issue for the kitchen, they should have told me that was the case, and told me there would be a surcharge for the pork cheeks. I would have gladly paid it. And yes the Aquavit story is true.


Faustian - sadly its true :) if you want more details i'd be happy to oblidge... sounds funny now but i was closer to steaming during the dinner.


Hey Mikhail,

I read Steve's post about your experience and I agree with him. If it had happened to me, I'd have simply walked out. What was narrated is simply unacceptable. I hope the meal was worth it.

Slightly related and out of curiosity, what was the difference between the 5 and 7 course menu. I am trying to get to 'the other side' and imagine if there was something so drastically different that the two menus would have impacted service in a way that a pair of you would have been left twiddling your thumbs as the other two were being served their two extra courses? If this were the case, then surely, this could have been communicated to you instead of seperating the group!

At times like these, I like to ask myself, WWSD?

What Would Silvano Do?

Silvano of Le Gavroche.


i think that was their reason - 2 people get to eat while others are just sitting... but thats not their problem - if we are ok with it what does it matter to them? or is this a "we tell you what is better for you" ... i dont need to be told how to eat - i am a big boy.


is the difference between a 5 course and 7 course menu the amuse and the mignardise? i'm a student at csca and i am having lots of trouble fionging this information for my class project.

Steve Plotnicki

Those wouldn't be counted as courses.

JP Reilly

I have been at several places where there are 5/7/9 courses offered. Usually the people with 5 get some small "filler" during the time when the people with 7 are at interim courses. It's never been a big deal...

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I have never been in a place that they have tastintg menus. but I think that it is better to know if the thing that you will eat taste good.


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