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March 25, 2005



Just one comment: Ducasse in New York has consistently been a much more interesting place to eat than Ducasse at Plaza Athenee, which is just like you say: dated. ADNY is refreshing precisely because it is French and not dated. France has a lot of great foods, but not as much great food.

Andy Hayler

Based on recent visits I understand some of your experiences but am surprised at some others. Gagnaire is definitely talented but inconsistent, with dishes in the same meal varying widely. Ambroisie is just as you say. Arpege can be up and own, but at its best is superb, with vegetables of stunning quality grown especially for the restaurant. Ledoyen has got much better recently. The first meal I had there was similar to yours, but one in May 2007 was fabulous, especially the flight of five desserts. Astrance is improving rapidly, and has very clear and pure flavours and some inventive dishes; as its menu changes daily I can see how it may be erratic. In my personal view of the Paris three stars, Grand Vefour is a relic and Pre Catalan very disappointing but otherwise there is excellent food to be had at each of the other 3 star places, with Guy Savoy perhaps being the least striking. Ducasse is hard to fault, while Ambroisie during truffle season is dazzling. Recently Meurice and Ledoyen have improved greatly. Arpege can be great but also off-key, which is hard to stomach given the price, and indeed Gagnaire has the same erratic quality. See for detailed reviews and photos of these places.


you are and idiot ,plain and simple find another vocation, you know nothing about food by your own admission , how can you not find pascal barbots cooking special ,you idiot ,idiot ,idiot, ever heard of unami?


Could someone please explain to me why some of these parisian 3 star chefs have 3 stars?? First of all guy savoy compares his food to art ? Yet his restaurant and kitchen have no windows and no natural light present in the restaurant? Secondly I dont get how root vegetables stuffed on a vegetable aspic is related to art or to a 3 star dish. Presentation I know is second to flavor but should these guys at this level be making their presentation more refined , an example would be meurice or a great example is Per Se in NYC , great food and taste but the Chefs there show their talent for presentation which at the prices you pay in 3 star restaurants should be expected . L'astrance is also overrated ,people say it is relaxed, informal on my 2 visits it would be best described as lazy , the dishes at times are wrong and I could taste that powdered MSG on the proteins you know the kind they use in chinese restaurants and no it was not natural sourced unami, at this level this should not happen same case with gagnaire ,at this level and prices this should not happen. It seems if you can promote the michelin guide enough these days you will get the stars, guy savoy being an example, gordon ramsay another, it really questions the integrity of this mystery guide ,does it not release its judging criteria so it wont be judged or debated on a much larger scale? it also begs the question of why such so called great men and women or artists if you like want the accolades from this guide so much ,it is after all the artist who educates the critic ,should they not care about this guide and just do what they do ,it questions there integrity , Alan Senderens being an example of 1 who turned his back on the guide and is where you can get a great meal also.

joyce singh

What is 'unami'?

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Tim McDonald

You should never allow andy hayler to comment on your site. He only posts favourable comments on his web site. Do not encourage such snooty character.


Just lunched at L'Ambroisie this Friday Match 25th 2011.
Simply the best as far as 23 star Michelin Haute French fine goes.
You can read my full report of this exceptional meal here:

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