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March 25, 2005



I just had to mention that I agree with you about East Coast Grill in Boston (Actually Cambridge - but we won't get technical). I loved the food but ended up sitting at the bar because we got there 4 minutes later than the previous person and they got the last table inside. My friends and I sat at the raw bar and had our regular meal and some great beer. I had an appetizer of tuna that was in a roll but it wasn't a maki roll. It was incredible. My entree was a combination of 2 different barbecue items, with the cole slaw, the hot sauce, and the watermelon. I wasn't thrilled with the cole slaw but the bbq was quite good. My friend had a bowl of some great soup made with chiles and sweet potatoes. Just great. Her friend had also a mixed bbq plate but hers was different than mine and she liked it better than I did.

The ice cream at Christines is incredible. I had Avocado Ice Cream. My friend had Lemon Sorbet and her friend had the Green Tea Sorbet. Everyone was fabulous. I think it was right next door though and not a couple of doors down, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, glad to see someone reviewing ECG. Great restaurant. I also agree they should have one in NYC. I would be there in a second!

Great website. I'll be back.

RisaG, serious foodie


Did ECG get good again? It used to be a great restaurant back before it became a seafoody joint, back when Schlesinger did the Blue Room too, and it was also great. But, both dropped a grade or two. And Christines? It never *had* a heyday, though perhaps it enjoys one now? It has a nice vibe, and there is no such thing as "bad ice cream", but ... never was interesting. I'm open minded, though, so next time I'm in town, I'll try them both again. When I'm around there I generally go to B-side. Hate to be a broken record, but it too used to be great. Today: it hits modest goals hard, which is better than to fall short of lofty ones.

Pho Pasteur: how can "better than anything in NY" rate as a B-? I guess you don't like Pho? That's fine, probably how I feel about it too. Boston's Pho has always been better than others around the country I've tried. Be sure to order "extra fat", it really makes the bowl better. In the same category, try the Soba/Udon place in the Japanese food court at Porter Exchange in Cambridge, a rare find.

Chinatown in general, steer clear of, including the execrable Taiwan Cafe. And, even though Boston has great seafood available, the low-priced underbelly of that industry should scare you to death. I have had great meals in Chinatown, but only when ordered offmenu by Chinese foodies. Better bets for Chinese in Boston: New Taste of Asia in Brookline (a modest variation of the NY Grand Sichuan Int'l theme, but different enough that I miss it in NY) and Quingdao in Cambridge: their steamed vege dumplings are the best dumplings I've ever had, tasty and tender. Their fried meat dumpling (shaped more as "fingers") are also very good. Also, great light fare on their menu back page.


I don't agree with a single thing in this review. It's amazing.


Great place for lunch. many of my co-workers at eat there every day. They serve large portions and the lobster is pretty decent price compared. BTW its actually in cambridge and not boston...

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