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March 25, 2005



wow... you've been alot of restaurants for sure.
your reviews are pretty interesting..
but i don't know about your reviews when it comes down to japanese restaurants.
especailly sushi of gari with wrong descriptions of sushi (one with salad is Tai which is japanese snapper, and tuna comes with tofu dressing not mayonnaise!)
with some of disagreement with my own, overall review i pretty much repect...

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On an average day, they might serve you five to seven different varieties of tuna or salmon, or three or four different types of yellowtail, as well as superb specimens of numerous other fish that are fresh that day.I will go there in average day.

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Sushi Yasuda is one of the most delicious meals in the world, I have been reading about the Japanese food, I think that it us so cool,thanks for sharing!Sushi of Gari is also good!22dd

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That is quite an opinion. I agree on how you tagged these dishes.


Please anyone sugestions of some good sushi in New Jersey?
I only like one place...


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