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March 25, 2005



You are way too hard on Al Bhustan. D+? Is that because you've classified it as "formal" on the basis of white tablecloths, and it doesn't live up to some higher standard? It is objectively every bit as good and often better than the other middle easterners that you like on your casual dining page. Do what I do: go there wearing whatever you're wearing, and note the prices are not particularly more than other middle eastern food, and you'll have a good meal. While I prefer Israeli-style green fouleless felafel, these are great Arab-yellows. No place touches their lamb-on-top-of-hummus (can't remember the name), and there are many other fine things, the mousaka, the baba ganouj. All with the kind of pita that I prefer (thin leathery as opposed to fluffy soft white-bready)

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