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March 25, 2005



Great start, Mr. Plotnicki.
However, the glaring omission is, of course, ADNY. Should we hold our breath?


This site really looks great and has a lot of useful info on it. Good luck and I wish you a lot of great eating in the near and distant future.

Mitchell Warren

Impressive knowledge. Your dining budget as well as your calorie intake must be limitless.


I agree with so much of what you say (with a huge yes to WD-50) that when I disagree it is puzzling. Per Se? Hardly lived up to its billing, and there is a lot of billing every sense of the word. It was so irritating the whole meal through to have them lecture us (!) about how subtle it all was, and how the subtlety would crescendo and wash over us with ... zzzzz. We did some multi course tastings, and nothing was memorable. I was eating with 4 other trustworthy eaters, so it wasn't just my tastebuds that night. Let's talk about a signature dish: I cook a better lobster than that (actually, part of the problem may have been that I just had a couple of days before whilst at the beach). Captaining our service was a great guy who knows us from ADNY, so I would think if anything we wouldn't be mistreated. We did have some really great wine that night.

At March, BTW, I have had a couple of good meals 4ish years ago, but I stopped going back after a few real klunkers. They pioneered (for me) the idea of offering a "special as an extra course" which they mention only after you order. (that motivated me to take it and cancel something else just because)

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