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About the Opinionated About Dining Blog and Steve Plotnicki

The OAD weblog is dedicated to publishing the dining adventures of Steve Plotnicki. Steve has been involved in dining since the age of 14 when he weaned himself off his mother's kosher cooking by forcing himself to eat White Castle hamburgers and Veal Parmigian. Now, decades later, not only is he a frequent visitor to the greatest restaurants in the U.S. and Europe, but he still manages to eat his fair share of simple food like a good hamburger or of course, a juicy pastrami sandwich.

Steve is a strong proponent of dining as a hobby. As a way of promoting the hobby, Steve moderates a discussion forum group which also goes by the name Opinionated About Dining. In addition to Steve's reviews, the OAD weblog will also publish reviews written by various members of the forum discussion group. Steve firmly believes that food criticism as it is practiced by the mainstream media is often compromised by their self interests. He feels that if you give knowledgable diners a platform where they can speak their minds, without the pressures of trying to please either publisher or reader, then diners will have access to better information than any of the well-known guides to dining can offer.

Steve lives in Manhattan with his wife and twin teenage sons. He has a day job in the entertainment industry with offices in New York and London. More importantly, he gets hungry every day.