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March 17, 2008



Except for the rosewater marshmallows, the venison looks like something I could make at home. I'm glad the flavor was there, though.

The ways of the mainstream restaurant critic are mysterious, indeed. At least they write well; which is the only reason they are hired to begin with.

Their knowledge about and interest in food seem to be only incidental to their ability to coin a phrase or craft a sentence.

That's why the world has increasingly turned to food bloggers, internet review websites like Yelp & Chowhound and guidebooks that are written by the people for the people like Zagat's, much to the dismay of the Bruni's & Michelin Guides of this world.


I don't know, I trust Michelin a lot more than I do Zagat...

Marty L.

Curious to hear about your beef with Ed Brown's restaurant (81). We had a necessarily abbreviated meal there so I can't give the place a detailed assessment, but I thought the chicken dish was the best I've had this side of Blue Hill at Stone Barns....


So he gave Gordon Ramsay 2* and this place 3* Lol this Bruni guy seems like a bit of a fool IMO


Another recent Bruni "shocker" was his ranking of the ethereal and exceptional Coi as his number 7 choice for new non-NYC restaurants while ranking Ubuntu as number two in his very limited survey. My recent meal at Coi was a revelation, with the least good dish (the one with the essential oil "perfume") being very good, and the best (yuba tagliatelli, slow cooked egg) being startlingly delicious; moreover, the atmosphere was elegant and refined. Contrast the yoga studio casual of Ubuntu, where the food is often delicious but rarely revelatory, and there are certainly occasional misses. Contrasting the tasty egg dish I ate at Ubuntu with the perfected egg at Coi is a stark case in point. Both Coi and Ubuntu are worth a try, but one is very much better than the other. Nevertheless, I do think Bruni is a very good writer, and frequently has me in stitches with his turns of the phrase; I'm just not certain he's nailed the restaurant reviewing details as of yet.


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