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February 08, 2006



Great! I'm heading to London next month and that's the only place I've reserved dinner at. Can't wait to try it out, thanks for the write-up.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks David. You know it's funny but I wish that Paris had it's own version of St. John. A simple roasting place using top ingredients that was casual and not a "bistro luxe" like L'Ami Louis (which oddly enough is the closest comparison to St. John I can think of.)A half-generation ago there used to be good bistros like Chez Pauline and Le Petite Marguery. But the owners either got too old to turn out top quality food or they retired and were replaced by mini-chains.

David K

Did you see the Jam play? Stranglers?

Steve Plotnicki

I did at the Roundhouse along with Cherry Vanilla. Why do you ask?

David K

Well, I could only dream or imagine a rock and roll road trip in England in 77.


just got back from lunch with Fergus at St John, WOW, thanks for the foto's as we ate the same lunch.. my camera had died, but this was one meal I was participating in and not documenting... ( would have gotten my camera pretty greasy!)

I had the snail salad which was good, but the winner was the pig check salad!

Also I stole some of the fried tripe from Fergus' plate, was a real winner too!
with a nice vinegar dipping sauce.. next time!

Thanks again for your notes.


I live down the road from St Johns and it has become one of our regular haunts. The food is consistently good, I've never had a dud meal, yet it has a simplicity and realness to it which is refreshing. The decor whilst slightly sterile lends itself to the simplicity of the food. The crowd is also eclectic and fairly young which is always good. It sounds like you have always had good experiences at this restaurant too.

Steve Plotnicki

Thanks Gastrochick. I've had one meal there that didn't measure up to the rest, but otherwise they have all been stellar. I would like to try their roast beef and horseradish feast next time I'm in London.


Hi Steve
I've tried the roast beef and horseradish feast and it was truly an amazing experience. I am off next week to San Sebastian to eat at Mugaritz and Arzak, I read your review of Mugaritz and it sounds rather interesting. Did you go to any other restaurants in the region?

Steve Plotnicki

I like Mugaritz the best with Arzak a runnerup. My last dinner at Arzak wasn't top notch because it was right before Elena had her baby and she was only cooking lunches. But the two meals prior were terrific. I found Beresetegui unremarkable and Zuburoa is very good but very traditional and amazingly rich.


Thats good to know - thanks


Steve - my reviews of Mugaritz and Arzak are up now if you're interested. Can't wait to go back to San Sebastian!

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